What We’re Buying & Trading!

When you shop Style Trader®, you’re part of a thriving Trade Community!

Like any marketplace, supply and demand dictates what is bought and sold.  At Style Trader®, what we buy (trade) and sell is dictated by the members of our Trade Community.  That’s you!  We can’t buy what we can’t sell.

Our inventory is constantly changing, day in and day out.  It changes with the seasons, it changes with the popularity of brands, and it changes as styles come and go.  All these changes impact what we buy (trade for), what we offer, and, most importantly, what we sell.  To determine what items we’re currently buying (trading), we recommend you visit our website, Facebook page, or call the store.

We are currently buying spring and summer fashions for all departments. Trade Center Hours are Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm and Saturday, 12pm – 5pm.

Most Wanted Items Include:

Teens and Young Men’s Spring and Summer Clothing
Shoes & Sandals
Handbags & Accessories